When is it necessary?

Today facelift is one of the most accessible and reliable methods of fighting skin flabbiness and effects of aging on face.  Facelift allows removing deep wrinkles, hanging skin on cheeks, borders of mandible, neck. This procedure is commonly used in people older than 35 years. Usually results of operation last 7 – 10 years depending on individual body features.

Benefits of surgery

Every man or woman who is concerned by how he or she looks wants to look younger. Facelift can help you to look younger.

By consulting with professor Kalnbērzs you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

Procedure Time

From 2 hour

Back to work

From 2 week


Full anesthetic


1900 EUR

We will fulfill your wishes.

More than 30 years of experience in plastic surgery. Achieve the maximum desired result.