Abdominal plasty (frontal abdominal wall)

When is it necessary?

How to regain fit attractive, harmonic body shape if only memories remain from it? What to do when constant exercises, diets don not help?  Nowadays plastic surgery can help to solve this problem. Due to current advances in medical technologies abdominoplasty became one of the most widely used methods in plastic surgery. Interest in abdominal wall shape correction is equal in men and women. Fattening of abdominal wall in men is caused by increased volume of fat tissue and weakening of abdominal wall muscles (apple type body). Deformation of abdominal outline in women is mostly caused by abdominal muscle stretching in pregnancy and labour. Abdominoplasty could be used in cases when excessive skin appears after significant weight loss.

Benefits of surgery

Abdominoplasty is used as an auxiliary method of weight loss. It gives possibility of beautiful and attractive body part modelling.  This surgery returns patient to normal and wholesome life.

By consulting with professor Kalnbērzs you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

Procedure Time

From 1 hour

Back to work

From 1 week


Full anesthetic

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