Inner labia labioplasty

Nowadays there is an increasing interest in inner labia correction for aesthetic reasons, not only enlargement but also the correction of shape. Women value not only the correct proportions of inner and outer labia, but also the natural look of labial shape and borders. There are no canons of beauty regarding this issue. Every woman picks her own values.

Reasons behind deformations of the inner labia are very different and in many cases defined by several factors. Some females are born with congenital deformations. Acquired deformations are caused by mechanical factors that are present in sexual intercourses, childbirth. Lymphostasis and chronic inflammation or irritation can result in bad aesthetic look. Current trend of piercings can also affect shape and size of inner labia.

Labioplasty – not only physical imperfection removal. The plastic surgery is not only a tool for defect correction but also a psychotherapeutic method. How successful and psychologically stable women are, in many cases is defined by woman’s physical appearance, thus correcting her imperfection she becomes more self-confident.

By consulting with professor you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

Procedure Time

From 1 hour

Back to work

From 2 days


Full anesthetic


700 EUR

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