Leg curvature correction

Surprisingly there is a vast amount of people in the world who have O or X type knee deformation problem. Such patients come to professor Kalnbērzs, and they’re not only women but also men of all ages.

Especially problematic pathologically curved legs are for young females in which it is cause for many complexes. Although surrounding people may not see this as a problem, but a person with pathological leg curves will concentrate on this issue. Pathologic leg curves are not only the cause of inferiority complex. Disproportional distribution of stress on inner and outer knee joint parts causes increased wear-out, early development of arthrosis, pain and progressing deformation. Many seniors can’t walk because leg deformation causes severe pain.

The shape of legs is defined not only by the outlines of soft tissue but also by biomechanical axis and leg/thigh proportion. Physiological (normal) biomechanical axis defines what is called “slender legs”. Leg biomechanical axis goes through femur head, middle of kneecap and foot’s first interdigital space. Anatomical axis of leg is the same as biomechanical axis. Professor Kalnbērzs chooses surgery tactics according to the parameters described above.

By consulting with professor you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

Procedure Time

From 1 hour

Back to work

From 1 week


2150 EUR

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