Leg lengthening

At least once in a lifetime almost everyone has experienced an uncomfortable feeling when speaking with considerably taller people. Some people have to experience this feeling entire their lifetime: constantly watching upwards, trying to prove others that small height is not an obstacle in career or personal life. Short height is more problematic in men. Studies have shown that short men more often suffer from loneliness, because women instinctively choose bigger partners. Sometimes the desire to fool nature and grow larger can become a meaning of life.

Modern medicine has different methods that can increase height: special stretching exercises and/or hormonal therapy. Unfortunately these methods are effective only when bone growth areas are still present. If these areas are still functional additional hormonal investigations are required to find out if hormonal therapy can help. When bone growth areas are closed there are no chances to grow using hormones or exercises.

Luckily there is another method for height extension that is constantly being used in Latvia. It is a surgical procedure with the use of Kalnbērz’s apparatus, which is designed by academician Victor Kalnbērzs. Using this method professor extends femoral and tibia bones, thus extending height.

Candidates for height extension surgery:

  • Men who want to lengthen their height
  • People that want to improve proportions of body
  • Dwarfism / achondroplasia
  • Patients with differing extremity length
  • Trauma consequences
  • Congenital bone defects

By consulting with professor you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

Procedure Time

From 1 hour

Back to work

From 1 week


3700 EUR

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