Breast augmentation

When is it necessary?

Almost every woman is unsatisfied by her appearance because of constant desire for self-improvement and the need to follow beauty standards defined by society. In the majority of cases women are unsatisfied with their breast size or shape. Some women have very large breasts which cause many problems; some women suffer from tiny breasts wanting bigger ones; some want to have perfect breast shape. Breast lift and shape correction is exactly what is necessary for every woman who wants to feel her attractiveness in full. Professor Kalnbērzs offers series of procedures that allows creating perfectly sized and shaped breasts.

Final decision is made by patient after consulting with plastic surgeon. Applied methods depend on body features of patient.

Benefits of surgery

Surgery allows gaining self-confidence, getting rid of complexes, because beauty is an important aspect of woman’s life.

By consulting with professor Kalnbērzs you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

Procedure Time

From 1,5 hour



Back to work

From 1 week


Full anesthetic


2800 EUR


Any shape. Highest quality

We will fulfill your wishes.

More than 30 years of experience in plastic surgery. Achieve the maximum desired result.


Before and after images


Mans sapnis ir piepildījies. Beidzot esmu ieguvusi krūtis par kādām esmu sapņojusi ilgus gadus. Rezultāts perfekts, paldies Jums dakter.


34 gadi

Es esmu ļoti apmierināta ar savām jaunajām krūtīm, un ne tikai es 🙂  Paldies par Jūsu ieteikumu implantu izvēlē.


28 gadi

Perfekta forma, labāk kā jaunībā –  tieši tas, ko vēlējos. Es noteikti iesaku dr. Kalnbērzu, paldies.


39 gadi