Sex change surgery

Every human is created individual and unique. Although in some cases something goes wrong and a human that appears to be man has a woman’s inner world and psychology or vice-versa. What to do in these cases? People are trying to suppress their hidden identity, thus causing themselves psychological trauma, because they have to overcome their true nature. Modern methods of plastic surgery are able to turn a man who feels his hidden female nature into a woman and vice-versa.

Transsexuality – inadequacy between patient’s anatomical sex and state of mind. Modern plastic surgery is able to make a wide array of transformations. Sex change operation includes series of surgeries with a common goal of patient’s body creation and improvement, and its maximal adequacy to the psychic sex.

Sex change operation should be used in cases when appearance hides true personality. It is used not to become a beautiful woman but to lose masculine features, so that physical appearance would represent who a person really is – woman or man.

To undergo a sex change operation person must prove that this operation is necessary. Why is it important? Sex change operations shouldn’t be performed in patients with psychic disorders, due to irreversibility of these operations.

By consulting with professor you can define preferable outcomes of surgery and choose how the surgery will be performed.

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